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August 2, 2013
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You must answer these questions and submit them to me in a comment if you want to have an OC from Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power.

1. Name?

2. Animal, human, or alien?

3. Good or evil?

4. Female or Male?

5. Home location?

6. Crush?

7. Friends?

8. Enemies?

9. What does your character like?

10. What does your character dislike?

11. Back story?

12. Personality?

13. Extra? Ex: Can speak 5 languages, has a missing eye, etc.

14. Form of attack? Ex: Zakuro Spear, Strawberry Bell, etc.

15. Age?

16. Hair color?

17. Glasses, shades, or normal?

18. Eye color?

19. Job?

20. That ends your 20 Questions! Don't forget to comment or message me!
Warning: 20 questions you must answer. It will be harder to make if you're a dude. Anyway, if you answer these questions for me, i will make you a Tokyo Mew Mew/Mew Mew Power character! If you have any questions, ask!
EDIT: My iPod's acting up, so i cant make your OC ;A; but this sheet can help you brainstorm ideas for your own OC!
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VampireGirlSarah Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
How Do I Draw My Mew Mew Oc's?Cause its hard for me to
Okamicat Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I haven't got a clue. But on the bright side, you can plan personality and everything with this
VampireGirlSarah Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
ok and yeah
Okamicat Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
A good idea would to request a drawing of the Mew from an artist that knows about the anime, and to describe their appearence as you see it. It may or may not cause points, but you'll have a Mew drawn!
VampireGirlSarah Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2014
ok, i know the show, to but I can't seen to draw it
Okamicat Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm terrible at drawing people in general, so I can't do it, let alone give them cat ears
VampireGirlSarah Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
wow me ether
Okamicat Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Ok I admit I'm good at animal ears, tails, paws, and eyes, but I'm terrible with arms, legs, and human faces
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alyssathomas2000 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
1. Name:Amy

2. Animal:Blue Jay

3. Good:Yes

4. Female:Yes

5. Home location:Tokyo

6. Crush:Greg,Human Boy

7. Friends:Kikki,Renee,Zoey,Bridget,Corina

8. Enemies:Dren,Tarb and the other Ailen and Deep Blue

9. What does your character like:Cute Animals,Hot Boys,Loves Singing,and Likes to Hang out with her friends

10. What does your character dislike:The bad Guys,Bullies,Emo and Dark things

11. Back story:She was the most popular Kid at her school,everyone though she was really sweet and nice.

12. Personality:Nice,kind,Sweet,Hates the Bad guys

13. Extra:She get like broken arms and legs really easly

14. Form of attack:Bubble Ice Blast

15. Age:16

16. Hair color:blue

17. normal:Yes

18. Eye colorBlue

19. Job:None
rhapsodyhager Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2014
1. Gin Tsume

2. Silver dragon

3. Both

4. Female

5. Tokyo

6. Kisshu

7. The mew mew's and Kisshu

8. Pai, Taruto, and Deep Blue

9. The dark, emo music, anime, tea, silver, red, black, video games, and kendo class

10. The light, girly girls, pink, and jocks

11. She has been teased for being like the boys and she went to the navy at age 10 so no one would mess with her again

12.  Tomboyish, emo, and inteligent

13. can speak both English and japanes

14. Silver claws ( it's her nails )

15. 15

16. Silver with purple tint

17. Normal

18. Purple

19. Waitress

20. if you can send it please do
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