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This is the story of a women that is currently only known as Yukiko. After playing an app, I decided to turn this into my first Japanese fiction novel that actually doesn't involve the main character being a yoūkai. There may be the following: jealousy, shock, uncontrollable blushing, and yelps of glee from the lover's fangirls... Now, let's begin!

I woke up to see arrows skewer the night sky. Shocked, confused, I backed away and looked around. I was in a deep, green forest, and it seemed it became a battlefield. Where am I?  I thought. Then, I heard a yell. A man was racing right for me! "Get down!" He yelled, jumping onto my chest, seeming to protect me from all attacks. "Keep down, especially on a battlefield!" As the fighting ceased to exist, he got off me and helped me up. "Are you ok?" He asked. "Where are you from?" "Um... I can't... Remember..." I stuttered. "Well, you should come back to my camp. It's much safer than this place at the moment." He invited. I followed. When his camp was in sight, people I have never seen before waved to the man. "Yoshitsune-sama! Are you ok? Who is this women?" They called.
 Y-Yoshitsune Minamoto?! Heir to Genji's throne? I gulped. "I found her on the battlefield. It's best not to involve innocents in our battles." Yoshitsune told them. "But how do you know she's not an assassin?" One of them rhetorted loudly. "Enough, Benkei. You're frightening enough even when you aren't yelling. When I found her, she was trembling. She still is." He responded. Benkei nodded, still not looking as if he trusted me for all the saké in Japan. Afterwards, he filled me in on the progressing war in Japan. The Taira Clan had crumbled, and the peace of the world was unraveling into war instead. The members of the Minamoto Clan, who lost to the Tarias in the past, decided to seek revenge on them in war once more. Yorimoto, the supreme general, took over eastern Japan in only two months. Yoshinaka Kiso, Yorimoto's cousin, was pushing towards Edo. As a result, Yoshitsune, Yoshinaka's younger brother, began raising an army of his own as well. He only had a small army of soldiers compared to his brothers, however. As a result, he began gathering the strongest ninjas in Japan, as to create a small but elite force, for his army. To end the tyranny of the Tairas, he decided to go to war against them.  "I already know most of that," I told him.  Somehow.... "By the way, what is your name?" Yoshitsune asked me. "My name....? All I can remember is my first, which is Yukiko," I admitted. "'Gifted child'..... You must have fallen off of a horse, since your kimono is all dirty. It seems to mark that of an aristocrat," he remarked. Then, a horse came into the camp, and bumped me in the shoulder. "Kuroyaki..." I murmured, patting the horse's head. "Good thing you remember your horse's name," one of the ninjas remarked. "But what about the girl? What do we do with her?" Yoshitsune sighed. "She will stay in the camp until her wounds are healed and she has regained her memories. Understood?" "Yes, lord Yoshitsune," they all chorused. "Follow me," he whispered. I did as instructed. "Yukiko will be sleeping in my room tonight," he announced. "In case there are any attacks." I hardly doubted that was the real purpose.
Quick description: game is a free app called Destiny Ninja, you can date ninjas, including Yoshitsune, who is known as Ushiwaka in Okami, yes the ending of this chapter is pervy, and I believe there will be nosebleeds... Especially with the person I had in mind when I picked the name...

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Submitted on
March 31, 2014


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